Peace of mind... for pets and their people.

Bringing high-quality guidance and invaluable information to you, the human companions of animals within our global community.

Custom designed treatments to help you and your pet

Dr. Spiegel is a veterinarian whose unique practice is limited exclusively to the prevention and treatment of behavioral problems in animals.

Traditionally, most of Dr. Spiegel’s patients have been seen privately as house call appointments. Other cases are conducted as phone consultations. And now Dr. Spiegel also see patients at his office in Swarthmore, Pennsylvania.

Dr. Spiegel is dedicated to bringing high-quality guidance and invaluable information to you, the human companions of animals within our global community. Treatment plans are custom designed to meet the individualized needs of a given animal’s situation and a multifaceted approach is typically used to specifically address all of the factors influencing a given problem.

Understanding Your Pet

Concerned about your pet’s behavior but not sure where to begin? These real-life client concerns and reflections can help give you a starting point.

If you’re not able to find an article that relates to you and your pet’s situation, please reach out to me at 610-541-0805 or

Meet Dr. Spiegel

I have created a highly specialized niche for myself along with many others whose lives are devoted to service in this global community. My primary concerns are for the animals. Quality of life for animals varies widely from culture to culture, as it does within a given culture. My objective is to continue to push the scales in the direction of the positive for individual animals and the people with which they live. The benefits of utilizing my services can be as dramatic as saving animals that would be destroyed if problems were not resolved, and as subtle as providing the means through which your pet will view you with greater affection and enjoy listening to you.

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Don’t let behavioral concerns keep you from the deep bond and happiness that comes with being a pet owner. Get the support you need for a happier and healthier relationship with your furry family member.

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