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Dr. Spiegel is a veterinarian whose unique practice is limited exclusively to the prevention and treatment of behavioral problems in animals. Traditionally, most of Dr. Spiegel’s patients have been seen privately as house call appointments. Other cases are conducted as phone consultations. And now Dr. Spiegel also see patients at his office in Swarthmore, Pennsylvania. I, David S. Spiegel, V. M. D., have authored all of this site’s content, and I am proud to be able to bring high quality guidance and invaluable information to you, the human companions of animals within our global community. So stay, explore, and enjoy.
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Cleo and June are my girls. They love each other. When I called you for help with Cleo she was a very aggressive dog. She thought she was the BOSS! I followed  your advice and made Cleo follow my rules. Today, she is a very loving and very, very well behaved pet. Everybody told me don’t get another female boxer, it would never work out well. I proved them all wrong. Cleo and her sister June get along great. The younger, smaller dog is actually the boss now. I really appreciate your help and time and also the information sheets you gave me. Thanks, Sally Cunningham, Cleo & June
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