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Reference Library
Dr. Spiegel's Reference Library of Common Pet Behavioral Problems Every case is truly unique. You have a genetically unique individual living within a unique environment, composed of unique individuals and their unique ways and schedules and interactions. And this dog or cat or horse or bird has had its own unique experiences over some extended period of time. All of this and more is information that goes into genuinely understanding the problem, its sources, and all of the factors influencing the problem. When the problem can be fully understood at its greatest depths, the solutions and various treatments become clearly evident. There have been a number of clients who have commented to me, "Why didn't I think of that; it seems so obvious!?!" The reason was... they couldn't imagine an effective way to fix the problem because they had not yet really understood what the problem was and how it came to be. To understand how a problem has come to be, and what best can be done to fix it, a good, detailed history needs to be obtained. If this can be accomplished where the animal and it's owner(s) live, a great deal of learning through observation can be achieved as well. In phone consults and on-line consults, history must draw forth owners' observations. Where observations are not clear, I can guide owners as to what details they may need to watch for, so that objective data can be obtained. Combining this information with an understanding of species-typical behaviors, psychological principles of learning, and the uses and effects of a variety of behavior modification tools and/or psychopharmacologic substances, comprehensive, easy-to-implement, treatment plans can be created and put into effect. For optimal resolution, treatment plans should address all significant factors influencing the problem. Below is our Reference Library of Common Pet Behavioral Problems. We hope you find this useful. For additional information, call us locally at 610.541.0805.