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Fear drives loner cat into a frenzy Hoping for a well-trained, loving dog? Look within Owner senses her cat heeds mental telepathy Get to bottom of housebreaking mess with new tack What’s on that cat’s mind? Closely bonded owner wonders if neutering worked on him How to take control of your mischievous dog Your mission, if you accept it: help break Oliver of bad habit Dogs give disabled mobility When a pup persists in “accidents” New home brings out dog’s worst Group helps older pets get good homes with older people Dog’s horseplay a pain in the neck for owner Pet that mourns loss of pal for too long needs help Halloween’s no party for pets True believer or skeptic? Telepathy with pets fails to pass real-life test Bring some peace to a house divided Pedigree sometimes stands for petty greed Check out personality change House cat does need playmate Preparing a dog for addition to the family National dog bite prevention week Dog sees casts as prey or playthings Let pup and older dog work out their own relationship A vet and his dog cope with puppies Is her cat reading her mind? Some dogs spell relief differently Resource groups match people, pups Romping dogs can be trained Maintaining routine helps cat make move Kitty will be up to scratch after training Sensitive cats need help coping with change Ease separation anxiety Go slowly with shy dog She’s sick but still loved... leukemia cat needs a home that her ex-owner can’t provide Conditioning can help dog terrified of sneezing Socializing our pets is really good business Owners report more sock dragging cats Strangers elicit conflicting emotions Spay day’s the time to take care of vital surgery for every dog and cat Roommate is prey for a darn cat Turning room into pet’s play area might teach her it’s not  ‘bathroom’ Terrier’s a terror when owner exits Animal testing is often unjustified Dog, owner together too much Who’s the top dog? Owners must understand how canines react to one another Toy mouse ‘prey’ in hunt... left to his own devices, cat carries quite a pile to his dish Piddly puppy needs a little training Dog can’t resist a treat With help, dogs won’t miss a trick Intruders upset happy cat Vet tech field is enriching, but not financially If you love your dog, share your warmth How to qualify your pet for work as a therapy dog Yawn may be way out of a sticky situation