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Spay day’s the time to take care of vital surgery for every dog and cat
Dear Editor: Did you know that two unaltered cats and their offspring can produce 50 million cats in ten years? What about the fact that it can cost a local shelter or humane society $100 (taxpayer's money) for each unwanted animal brought in. Each year approximately 14-17 million dogs and cats are euthanized simply because there are not enough good homes for them (this doesn't include the ones who don't die as humanely). This is a problem that can easily be solved. Have your pets spayed or neutered. Each dollar spent today on altering will save $18 in taxpayer's money for animal control by the year 2004. There are various low cost spaying/neutering programs in our area. For instance, the SPCA offers low rates year round and even lower rates in April and October (998-2281). Friends of Animals also has a discounted rate (800-321-PETS), and on February 28, 1995, The Doris Day Animal League will be sponsoring "Spay Day USA" in which local veterinarians will be offering spaying and neutering at a reduced rate. Call (202)546-1761 for further information. Please be responsible and have your pet altered so we can stop this unnecessary killing of innocent animals whose only crime was being born! Sincerely, Y.I., Bear
Dear Y.I., Thanks for the letter. The importance of having pets neutered cannot be overstated. The aim of the Doris Day Animal League is to elevate Spay Day USA to the level of The Great American Smoke-Out and Earth Day. The goal goes beyond public awareness and education. It encourages people to take direct action by taking responsibility for having at least one animal spayed or neutered on February 28th. Even if your pets are already neutered, you can pay for or assume partial payment for the neutering of a friend's or relative's animal, or at least strongly encourage someone with an unneutered animal to take this step. Veterinarians have been asked to reduce their rates for this event, and pet owners who participate can complete and send in a participation form, obtainable through participating veterinarians or by calling (202)546-1761, to receive a free six-month membership with the Doris Day Animal League and a variety of money saving coupons. The benefit of neutering animals goes far beyond helping to correct the pet overpopulation problem. Neutered male animals cannot develop life threatening testicular tumors and has a dramatically reduced incidence of prostatic cancer and prostatitis. It also greatly reduces behavioral problems of urine marking, mounting, roaming and intermale aggression between dogs. Benefits to female pets include the elimination of pyometra (life threatening uterine infections), ovarian tumors, false pregnancies, attracting stray male animals to your home, bleeding associated with cycling, and, of course, unwanted litters. Clients have frequently expressed the concern to me that they are afraid their pet's personality will change after being altered. Just about anyone whose pet has been neutered can testify to the fact that this is simply untrue. Animals do not become fat and lazy after being neutered, and they do not lose their spirit. And, they will not hate you for it. In fact, they will not even realize anything has been done. Females need to be rested from any strenuous activity for about a week following the procedure, and males are back to normal activity in a day's time. So take an active role in Spay Day USA. Even if you cannot have the procedure done on February 28th, use this national event as a time to schedule your pet to be neutered in the upcoming weeks.