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Take steps to help animals... annual walk benefits shelter that won’t destroy unwanted pet
Another Labor Day has come and gone, and still one Delaware organization continues their labor of love day in and day out on behalf of the animals. The Delaware Humane Association, which this spring will be celebrating its 40th Anniversary, is a genuinely unique sanctuary for homeless animals. First, a bit of history... The humane movement was founded in England in the 17th century with the guiding principle that only when we humans learn to treat the other animals of this world with dignity, respect and compassion, would we be able to extend this same humane care to one another. Animals are an undeniable part of our existence on this planet, whether you consider the pets within our homes or the remaining creatures of the dwindling natural landscape. We humans are the dominant species on this planet. We are dominant over the other animals of the planet, and we behave dominantly towards one another within our species. The only way to reverse the negative impact of dominating others is to see the negative effects that this type of interaction produces, and to realize that the goals of dignity, respect, compassion, and caring for all of the life of our home, this planet earth, will only come when we take on a role of subservience. By putting ourselves in a position of serving and caring for others, we are not only directly helping others, but we are establishing positive models of behaviors for our fellow man to follow. When care for all of the life of this planet assumes its primary position, then there will be ample work for all to participate in, and all will benefit. From this broad perspective, I return again to focus on the efforts of a nonprofit group of highly dedicated individuals who have put themselves in a position of subservience to care for others in need of assistance. Millions of dogs and cats are destroyed each year in this country, simply because they do not have homes. When dogs and cats are dropped off at shelters because of behavior problems that owners grow intolerant of, or unwanted litters are born, or homeless animals wandering the streets are picked up, the Delaware Humane Association has taken a dramatic stand in adopting new policies to handle these situations. Where most other shelters put these animals to sleep if not adopted within a 1-2 week period, the DE Humane Assoc. has established itself as a "No-Kill Shelter." Animals are not put to sleep here. They are cared for by devoted staff members and volunteers and worked with by trainers to rehabilitate them and prepare them for a new life with adopting families. All of this undoubtedly takes time, effort, and money to continue to provide a desirable level of care to these animals who find themselves in less than desirable situations. The Humane Association must continually devote energy to the task of raising money to support its efforts. In two weeks, Sunday, September 22nd, the Delaware Humane Association will be holding its 6th Annual Walk for The Animals at Bellevue State Park. The primary purpose is clearly to raise funds to care for the animals, but this event also provides a unique opportunity to meet the staff and volunteers that are the life force of this organization, as well as a chance to join with a great many others and their pets who share in your commitment and dedication to caring for those animals who need our love and support. I will be joining with the other members of the Delaware Humane Association this year, and will be walking with my dog Chase (a Rhodesian Ridgeback... who I adopted a few years back). I am making a special request to what I know is a large and devoted readership of this column to please help!! All walkers are asked to collect names and phone numbers of sponsors, as well as their pledge $'s prior to the walk. If you will not be walking in the event yourself this year, won't you please sponsor me in my effort to help support the work of the Delaware Humane Association on behalf of the animals!?! Numerous prizes will be awarded to walkers who bring in the highest pledge $ amounts, including a week for four in a Wildwood, NJ condominium. I will be donating any awards received to a randomly-selected sponsor, as well as donating three free Animal Behavior consultations (a $360 value) to my sponsors (one random; and two to the sponsors who pledge the highest $ amounts). The Walk for The Animals is in just two weeks, so please contact me promptly at (302) 478-6925 or (610) 444-0505 to pledge your support. If you would like to collect your own sponsors and participate in the walk with your pet, contact Diane Montgomery of the Delaware Humane Association @ (302) 239-0445 to receive a registration/sponsor form. Registration for the walk begins @ Bellevue State Park Sunday, Sept. 22nd at 10a.m. and the walk will begin immediately following registration. I look forward to seeing you there!!