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Owner senses her cat heeds mental telepathy
Dear Dr. Spiegel, I appreciated your answer to my question about my Bombay Cat, Baby. In answer to your question about my thought transference, "Come Home, Baby," I use it mostly at night when I want him to come home so that I can go to bed. Sometimes I'm in the back of the house and never at the door, since I'm in a wheelchair. He doesn't see me. I mentally think about him, wishing him to come home. How do I know he is home in five minutes? He pounds on the door with his paw and I hear him all over the house. I have proof of this. I was talking to a friend and I told her I was using telepathy to bring him home and a few minutes later he showed up and pounded so loud on the door that she could hear him over the telephone. I am sending you a picture of Baby and the story that goes with it. I have shower doors on my tub. Baby pounds on the shower door and that means he wants me to open it. When I do he jumps in the tub and gets his little yellow duck and jumps back out. Then he jumps up on the sink and drops the duck in the sink, then he pounds on the water faucet. That means he wants me to fill the sink with water so he can play with his little yellow duck in the water. He loves water and will lay in the sink with the water running on him. In the winter time I can't keep him in when it snows. He builds trenches and jumps up on the car and slides down the sloping back of the car and continues to do this until he tires. When I am sleeping at night, he gets in bed with me and shoves his head under my hand for me to pet him. When I don't respond, he grabs my pajama sleeve in his teeth, lifts my arm up and lets it drop. Believe me I wake up. What a cat! Sincerely, T.B., New Castle
Dear T.B., I'm sure it thrills and delights you to no end to have such a good friend in your cat. Perhaps Baby can be the Animal Telepathy poster child. Which brings me to my next correspondence, an announcement: Whether you believe it or not, here is a local opportunity to explore the concept of telepathic communication with animals. "Animal Communicator" Marlene Sandler, M.Ed. will be having a workshop on "The Fundamentals of Animal Communication" July 15th from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. at C-Line Stables in Odessa, DE. The fee is $125. For more information contact Carlotta Cline at 302-378-4652.