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Spaying pets, spraying cats, straying cougars get notice
Dear Dr. Spiegel, In your column of 2/25/96 you wrote `Friends of Animals' has begun a low cost spay and neuter program for dogs and cats. This organization was formed in 1957, not just formed. There is also a program called S.N.A.P. (Spay/Neuter All Pets). It has lower fees than Friends of Animals. I do volunteer with this program in Delaware as well as Maryland. Sincerely, A.S., Elkton, MD
Dear A.S., Thanks for the info. To contact SNAP, call Alice @ (410)885-5783. The # for Friends of Animals is (610)544-9535
Dear Dr. Spiegel, I would like to comment on the cougar column of March 10, 1996. One line of your column read, "But how do we fix the problem?" I say... `What problem?' Forget about cougars and allow them to feast on the excess deer. We are in more danger of being harmed by the deer hunters' bullets than the well-fed cougar. Import more cougars. The money spent on stalking the cougar would be better spent on tracking down and prosecuting the criminals that threaten us every day. Why are we compelled to interfere with natural laws while unable to enforce our own? It makes no sense to remove the Delaware cougar while funding the Nature Conservationist's project to protect the Florida cougar, or the spotted owl. L.M., Wilmington
Dear L.M., Thanks for an interesting and insightful perspective. The quote was actually, "But how do we fix `this' problem." Which was a reference to "...when people get scared it can add a significant amount of unnecessary and unwanted stress to their lives." (This was unclear due to editorial changes). Public fear is "the problem" that has resulted. By understanding that there has been a complete lack of real problems caused by the presence of the cougars, more people should be able to shed their disproportionate fears, and join with your refreshing attitude.
Dear Dr. Spiegel, I have been meaning to write to you for some time. I am the owner of five cats ranging in ages from 13 years to two years. I have a male cat "Chantilly," who is approximately 12 and 1/2 years of age. He was abandoned by his mother at approximately two weeks of age. I raised him on orphan kitten formula. At approximately 6 months, he began to spray and I had him neutered thinking that would eliminate this problem. After 12 years, it has not. He has continued to leave me dime-sized spots of urine all over the house. He especially likes anything new. I guess he feels he is christening it! He has been to the vet and had his bladder checked. It is normal. My vet suggested it may be behavioral and suggested placing him on medication. I am unsure if this would help him in light of the fact that he has been doing it for so long. I cannot give him away; who would take him? I am not the type to put an otherwise healthy cat down because of this problem. I would like to help him. Do you have any suggestion? Please help! I am tired of being mad at him. Yours very truly, C.J., Wilmington
Dear C.J., Your veterinarian is probably correct. There are specific medications which I often use with very good results in cats that urine mark. Certainly choosing the proper medication at an appropriate dose is essential. It should still work well despite the length of time the problem has existed. Since this is an older cat, before any invasive treatments (e.g., oral medications) could be prescribed, a detailed history, physical, and blood chemistry screen would be indicated. For me to help you further in this matter, I would ask that you help put me in touch with your veterinarian or schedule a consult with me directly. Events: Saturday, April 6 (All day beginning 8a.m.): The Wilmington Kennel Club's Dual Match Dog Show at the Lums Pond State Park. Sanctioned by the AKC, it will offer competition in conformation, obedience and junior showmanship. Free admission and parking. People interested in getting a dog will have the opportunity to see many different breeds and talk with their breeders and owners. A match show is an informal type of dog show with no championship points awarded. For more info or to request entry forms contact Jeanne Deeming (410)755-6034 or Mary Jane Mathewson (302)478-2673. Saturday and Sunday, April 6 and 7, The Diamond State German Shepherd Dog Club and Delaware Valley German Shepherd Dog Club (PA), respectively, will be holding AKC Sanctioned Specialty and Obedience Trials at the Lions Club in New Castle. Admission is Free. Obedience @ 9a.m.; Conformation @ 11a.m. For more info, contact Jane Sayers (302)998-6263.